Linda DiFrenna, Lara B. Helena Stockar, Virginia Delgado
June 9th - July 2nd
Opening Reception: June 16th, 5-9pm

GALLERY Z (established in January 2001, now celebrating 15 years) welcomes summer with a June exhibit featuring works by LINDA DIFRENNA, LARA B., HELENA STOCKAR and VIRGINIA DELGADO. The exhibit runs from Thursday, June 9th through Saturday, July 2nd, 2016, with an Opening Reception Thursday, June 16th from 5-9PM.

Linda DiFrenna (b. 1959), a local multimedia artist with degrees from Roger Williams University and the RISD, also studied in Germany. This photography exhibit includes both straight and manipulated photographs. According to Linda, "My intention as an artist is to create inspirational works of art which bring the viewer a sense of discovery that is exciting and exhilarating. I want to create images that are evocative, curious, mysterious, and unexpected... that will make the viewer pause in front of the piece and really look closely. It is important to me that my work evokes emotions that encourage dialogue...Alternative and imaginative approaches to making art produce sensations and emotions I remember experiencing as a child..."

Linda's work has been exhibited throughout New England, Florida, Louisiana and New York City. She has taught at CCRI, the RISD Museum, Saint Andrew's School and Fisher College.

Lara B, born (b. 1977) and raised in Beirut, attended the Toros Roslin Art Academy of Beirut and the Lebanese University of Fine Arts, graduating with honors in 2001. She immersed herself in circles of established Armenian artists and enjoyed early recognition in a number of Beirut shows, earning distinction with first prize at the National University of Fine Arts and third prize at the Artistes Association of Beirut in 2001.

Lara B. moved to the US in 2002, and has continued to garner artistic acclaim. Within two years, her art was shown at group exhibits in New York, San Francisco and Providence, and at two solo shows in Providence and Oakland. In winter 2003 her work was selected for a magazine cover with international distribution. She resides in California, where she continues her prolific tradition.

"Capturing the moment's complexity of the human psyche is the driving force of Lara B.'s paintings. Windows and arches are prominently displayed, providing hope in the form of light and strength as stable edifices. Hues often seem dark and monotone at initial gaze, however, just as one's eyes need to accommodate upon entering into a dimly lit room, a more detailed viewing of Lara B.'s work reveals a true panorama of colors. This gradual perceptibility affords greater appreciation into the depth and complexity of Lara's paintings."

Helena Stockar (b. 1933, d. 2013) was born and grew up in Czechoslovakia, where she lived through WWII in Prague and behind the Iron Curtain, earning an industrial design degree from Prague's School of Design. Seeking political freedom and to join her husband, who had already escaped, she was eventually allowed to emigrate to the US in 1968, settling in RI. Helena infused a deep knowledge of art history into her work and an obsession with people and color. She has been featured in "Who's Who in The World", "Who's Who in in America", and "Who's Who of American Women". Her work was exhibited in major US cities, the Czech Republic and Scotland, and is in collections worldwide, including locally in Johnson and Wales University and Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence. Her work depicts people struggling against nature and man's evil, exploring the depths of complexity and the comparison between natural events and social injustices.

From the artist's statement, "When I paint, I think mainly about the light, color, and composition. My thoughts, philosophy, and message are not solely about the subject matter, but about perfecting the balance of those elements. The struggle for this perfection was crystallized prior to the creation on any individual work. It comes to me as a direct communication between you, the observer, and me, the painter." After moving to Pennsylvania in 2012, Helena died in November 2013 after a brief illness.

Virginia Delgado (b. 1969) has been photographing street scenes and cityscapes for the last fifteen years, traveling to Istanbul, Paris, Naples, Buenos Aires, London and New York, among other major cities. Exclusively shooting black and white film, she produces her own prints in her darkroom, leaving the negative edges visible to show that she works in film, and doesn't crop or manipulate her images beyond what can be done in the darkroom. She is a Bristol, RI, resident and has been a featured artist in Bristol-Warren Art Night and Providence Gallery Night.

Virginia's artist statement says, "I am first generation American and my Uruguayan parents were my first artistic influence. My father was a sculptor with a great talent for life drawing. My mother was a painter who followed the same classical school as my father. I grew up in Fort Lee, New Jersey, comparing Da Vinci to Michelangelo and hearing stories about Van Gogh and his ear. Art was everywhere. Every afternoon my parents would cross the George Washington Bridge and board the A train Downtown to The Art Students' League. By the time I was in College, I was also going to classes. Not because I showed any real talent in drawing, but because it would refine my eye, my father said. I would learn to see. And I did."


In addition, Gallery Z displays an ever-changing eclectic exhibit of original Fine Art (paintings, photographs, drawings, mixed media, glass, sculptures, assemblages, etchings, lithographs) from its stable of almost 400 artists, locally, nationally or internationally renowned, plus fine ceramics, pottery, jewelry and Armenian and international handicrafts. The adjacent "Italy" room expands the Federal Hill Italian culture with "Dreamy Venice's luminous handmade Murano glass gifts and glass jewelry, personally chosen and imported from Venice by Gallery Associate Linda Kamajian in a multitude of colors, set amidst art related to Italy or by established Italian-American Fine Artists. Gallery Z is a tax-free zone.