Ian Mohon, Angelo Marinosci Jr., Larry Sykes, Alan Metnick
May 5th - June 4th
Opening Reception: May 19th, 5-9pm

At GALLERY Z: IAN MOHON, ANGELO MARINOSCI, JR., LARRY SYKES and ALAN METNICK, Thurs., May 5th - Sat., June 4th, 2016. Opening Reception Thursday, May 19th, 5-9PM.

Ian Mohon

Ian Mohon, b. 1975, paints in acrylics and oils to create his bright, dimensional works. Ian's textural and sprightly color palette moves the eye across the canvas, stimulating the viewer's vision to almost vibrate with energy and color. Originally from Houston, Texas, Ian resides in Providence, RI.

With the sight of receding snows, spring pushes in. First a warm breeze, birds and bees herald the new life to come. Spring arrives with light, color, and scent. This series celebrates this excitement of color and vibrance for life. Taken from photos from my garden and bouquets bought for my wife over the years, the images are painted in an abstracted manner that emphasize the underlying energy that connects all life. With every glance, this series means to remind the viewer of sensations from past springs and old loves. A lighthearted life filled with light and color.

Angelo Marinosci, Jr
Prof. Angelo Marinosci, Jr. (retired) a resident of Warren, RI studied at L.I.U, C.C.R.I., U.R.I., R.I.S.D., R.I.C., N.Y.U, Venice and Murano Italy. He has also worked under the influence of several well known artists in various mediums, including: Livio Seguso, (glass); Arnold Newman, (Photography); Eugene Lee, (Set Design); Gene Tonnoff, (Painting); Enrico Pinardi, (Sculpture); and others as well. He has been making art throughout his life and exhibiting throughout.

ARTIST STATEMENT by Angelo Marinosci, Jr.
By most standards, my education and early experiences in the arts left me predisposed to make, paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, etc., along the most traditional confines of the objective and nonobjective borderlines of art. I like being a little more playful than that and have most often to entertain myself with the making of my own work. Though my photography has been greatly influenced by the outside world and my earthly experiences, my painting has been more about my inside world, and my music has been the philosophical glue that holds it all together. I move within my aesthetic freely and it all pretty much is prompted by the same instinct to express myself. I hope you will enjoy this small collection of paintings, drawings and studies which speak to this.

Larry Sykes
For over fifty years esteemed artist, photographer and educator Larry Sykes has depicted the world's societies in his camera. Storytelling is his artistic objective. Each cultural artifact has an inseparable identity to society; it is up to the storyteller to connect history to memory, Sykes is simultaneously a photographer, archaeologist, and material culturalist. He (b.1931) is a retired professor of art at Rhode Island College, where he developed the college's photography curriculum. He received his masters from Pratt Institute, New York, and his undergraduate degree from Morgan, where he was Director of the Carl J. Murphy Fine Arts Center. He has taught at New York University, the College of Art in Kumasi, Ghana, and the Parsons School of Design West Africa Program. Later, Sykes served as commissioner for the Rhode Island Council of the Arts. His works have appeared in numerous books, journals and museums worldwide, including commissions for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. "The amazing Larry Sykes, a professor to many and a mentor to most, crosses the intellectual landscape through powerful images, haunting experiences and an iron clad sense for historic perspective.... with the wisdom of a cunning shaman, the artist will take you through a personalized journey ..." Angelo Marinosci, Jr.,

Alan Metnick
Alan Metnick has been photographing in Poland for 12 years. The work has focused on the events of the Second World War, the Holocaust, the destruction of Poland's Jewish community and people, and to a lesser extent some vestiges of post WW II Communism. The work presented in this exhibit pictures Poland as a place like all other places: a photo of dancing horses in a circus, lovers on a rainy night, a musician and his accordion, windows looking inward and backward, reflecting and projecting a strange familiarity. This is work he has not shown yet. It will be included in his third book picturing Poland. His first book, "Captured in Memory", was just released and will be available at the exhibit.

Try to imagine your day visually before you've lived it.
Try to imagine it in words.
Try to write it.
Then go out and live it.
Taste it.
Feel it.
Smell it.
Getting up in the morning can be the beginning of a Wondrous experience.

Alan Metnick, a Providence-based artist b. 1941 in Chicago, has been creating art for over forty years. He received a BS in History from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1963 and an MFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in 1973. He has taught photography and silk screening at numerous colleges throughout New England. His works have been exhibited in many galleries and solo shows, including the Newport Art Museum, RISD, ICA/Boston, and several exhibits in Poland, and has works in numerous museum collections throughout the U.S., among others the Metropolitan Museum of Art/New York, Library of Congress, Los Angeles County Museum of Art/Los Angeles, Museum of Fine Arts/ Houston, TX; Art Institute of Boston, High Museum of Art/Atlanta, GA, Armenian Library Museum of America/Watertown, MA. Alan's art works include photography, serigraphy, stained glass, painting and drawing. From 2012 through 2016, Alan has been "traveling, away, thinking about stuff."


In addition , Gallery Z displays an ever-changing extensive and diverse selection in salon style of original Fine Art works (paintings, photographs, drawings, mixed media, glass, sculptures, assemblages, etchings, lithographs) from Gallery Z's deep stable of almost 400 Fine Artists, locally, nationally or internationally renowned, along with fine ceramics and pottery, jewelry and Armenian and international handicrafts. The adjacent "Italy" room expands the vibrant local Federal Hill Italian cultural atmosphere with "Dreamy Venice", filled with luminous handmade Murano glass gifts (paperweights, sculpture, vessels, perfume bottles) and Murano glass jewelry (pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, hair clips), all personally chosen and imported from Venice by Gallery Associate Linda Kamajian in a sparkling rainbow of colors. These are set amidst Fine Art paintings and photographs related to Italy or by some of Gallery Z's established Italian-American Fine Artists. Now in its fifteenth year, Gallery Z offers an intimate setting and provides a center for experiencing Fine Art in a historic Providence neighborhood. Though Gallery Night season is otherwise March - November only, Gallery Z carries the torch by continuing the spirit of art in Providence through the winter months, too. Gallery Z is a tax-free zone.

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