Bob Dilworth, Alaina Mahoney, Marty McCorkle and Erin Starr
July 7th - July 30th
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 21st 5-9pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, July 30th 2-4pm

At GALLERY Z: ALAINA MAHONEY, ERIN STARR, BOB DILWORTH and MARTY MCCORKLE, Thursday July 7th through Saturday, July 30th, 2016. Opening Reception Thursday, July 21st, 5-9PM.

July sizzles at Gallery Z with four diverse artists ---

Alaina Mahoney is an especially versatile artist, both a painter and a metalworker, whose parents are both also artists. From Brockton, MA, she grew up exploring the streets and nearby woods there, looking for colorful industrial shrapnel, thinking about its history and future; she now makes objects that may affect someone else's timeline in the same way. After moving to Providence in 2015, Alaina started the welding/fabrication business AM Design and Fabrication ( She has a BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2010). Featured in this new exhibit of Alaina's are paintings with forged gatework and other handmade metal elements that either permanently cover or are allowed to reveal the painted images underneath. The series highlights exploration, searching for pieces of history in one's environment; some influenced by a walk in her neighborhood woods last Christmas stumbling upon a set of fence work of wrought iron pickets and strangely intricate cast connection points. Other paintings are self portraits from age fifteen, searching through old Brockton rubble amongst the skunk cabbage.

Erin Starr is known for her contemporary paintings of large-scale studies of the human figure and stunning flowers and fruits depicted in broad colorful strokes. Her work has been extensively exhibited recently, in Germany, France, Belgium, Canada and in numerous shows in the U.S., including Grand Central Station and Space Womb Gallery in NYC and many exhibits in Providence. She has a BFA from Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa, 1992, and a Masters in 1996 from the University of Bridgeport, CT.

Concurrent with this new exhibit, Erin states, "My paintings are about the movement of the body, the color, the feelings and inspirations that come from within. Although I enjoy painting in different mediums and different subjects what represents me as an artist the most is the female body. I feel we still live in a world where people shy away from nudity, one of the greatest forms of art of all time. For this reason I continue to paint that exact subject because there is nothing to me that digs deeper into one's soul than the body. Painting does not come from sight or touch, but my endless thoughts, racing on a journey. A journey of self discovery, beautiful, cruel, alone and naked."

Bob Dilworth is an award-winning artist and educator whose oil paintings are nationally, regionally and locally exhibited and recognized with many awards, including the RI State Council for the Arts (RISCA) Grant in Painting for 2014. In January 2015, Bob's "Backyard" was included on Providence billboards in a program designed to engage nearby schools and community organizations in conversations about the art. His paintings tackle race, culture, ethnicity, family, heritage and xenophobia, through memories, myths, folktales and spiritual beliefs, often stemming from his southern childhood in a large lively family. Bob has taught art and design at colleges and universities throughout the U.S., including Princeton, Brown and Columbia College, Chicago. He is currently Professor of Painting, Drawing, Design and African American Art History at the University of Rhode Island.

"The physical process of painting and its vitality is integral to my work. My work has transitioned from emotionally charged abstract imagery painted on non-traditional surfaces to figurative paintings on canvas with mixed media added to its surface ... My working process begins with observations, in-depth research to clarify ideas, making photographs for study purposes and creating a series of drawings to work out compositions before each painting ... There is always something new pushing my work forward and at the same time, my hope is to capture textures, feelings and patterns of life; which represent motifs of a person in their environment."

Marty McCorkle, born in Los Angeles, is known for his distinctive deconstructive style of painting, digitally manipulating his photos into oils on canvas, a marriage of digital technology and traditional painting. Considering himself a painter in the "Post-Edwardian" style, Marty's works blend mythology and spiritual imagery with reality. In his words, "I suppose Edwardianism appeals to me not aesthetically but though its vigorous spirit: the inventive Wright brothers, the absurdist author P.G. Wodehouse, the joyful Henri Matisse, the shimmering Italian Futurist painters, who all successfully explored lightness, optimism and invention. In skilled hands, the dynamic aspects of life become pure dynamite." Also renowned for his individualistic and color-laden depictions of the dynamic perspective of the deconstructed human figure and the lush colors of the South Seas, his work is in collections worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Fiji, United Arab Emirates, UK, France and Italy. Marty resides in the Philippines.