"Armenian Artists: A Rich Collection of Armenian Art"

September 3rd - October 3rd Exhibit Extended through Saturday, October 17th

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 17th, 5-9pm
Reception date added: Thursday, October 15th, 5-9pm

At STUDIO Z: Providence, Rhode Island "ARMENIAN ARTISTS - A RICH COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL ARMENIAN ART" at the Butcher Block Mill, Through. Saturday, October 17, 2015. Closing Reception and Gallery Night Providence: Thursday, October 15th, 5-9PM.

"ARMENIAN ARTISTS - A RICH COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL ARMENIAN ART" ushers in Autumn at Studio Z, showcasing over 125 original works of original art in a breadth of contemporary styles and themes from our vast array of talented established Armenian artists. These nationally and internationally renowned, living and non-living artists from four corners of the world are exhibiting their original works in Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, the smallest state in the union.

Some of the many artists on exhibit include Kevork Mourad (b.1970), three generations of Elibekian family painters, Simon Samsonian (b.1915 - d.2003), Zareh Mutafian (b.1907 - d.1980), Reuben Nakian (b.1897 - d.1986), Alexander Grigorian (b.1927 - d.2007), Hagop Hagopian (b.1923 - d.2013) and Rafael Atoyan (b.1931), Karnig Nalbandian (b.1916 - d.1989), Anoush Bargamian (b.1963), Martin Barooshian (b.1929), Seda Bekarian (b.1953), Nora Chavooshian (b.1953), Samuel Gareginyan (b.1961), Emma Gregorian (b.1943), PAKRAD (b.1939), and Levon Parian (b.1954) among numerous others.

Featured artists include Simon Samsonian, b.1915-d.2003, Alexander Grigoryan, b.1927-d.2007, Zareh Mutafian, b.1907-d.1980.

Simon Samsonian did not have a childhood. He lost his parents during the deportation and massacre of Armenia in 1915. He grew up in orphanages of Greece and Egypt. After many years of travel and tours of study, Samsonian acquired confidence and wielded his brush more freely. After a period of research he found his distinct style. Gradually he came to favor the school of cubism which he found more suited to his temperament and which he added an admixture of humanism and symbolism. He interprets nature in rich colors in the style of "symbolic cubism". The cultural periodical Park East, of New York, wrote "Simon Samsonian is a fine artist. His works have Cubist influence, but the paintings are his own superb creations. Using limpid color and contemporary subject matter he has painted landscapes, still life and portraits with strong purposeful technique."

Alexander Grigoryan, (b.1927-d.2007) was a dedicated student and follower of the worldwide known artist-painter Martiros Saryan. Grigoryan received Armenian Art's highest honor. He is endowed with a real gift of portrait painter. Grigorian has a sharp eye, capability of searching for the model's outer and inner resemblance and at the same time he preserves the integrated painting quality of the canvas. Grigorian does not betray nature and meanwhile doesn't merely copy what he sees. Alexander is known for portraits of famous Armenian figures such as William Saroyan, Alex Manookian and film producer Ruben Manuelian. His work is represented in the National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia. Grigoryan has been a Member of the Artists Union since 1959.

Zareh Mutafian (1907-1980) was an Armenian orphan of the Genocide who became a famous French painter. His whole family was massacred during the 1915 Genocide. After joining the Near East Relief, first in Samsun, then Greece, he settled in Italy in1923, where the Mekhitarist fathers enabled him to study painting at the Brera Academy. After his first exhibition in 1933, he moved to Geneva and began painting Switzerland. After marrying a French Armenian dentist in 1939 and discovering the Impressionist and Fauvist painters in the Paris museums, he altered his style upon, introducing much more the color.

As an active member of the Parisian Armenian intelligentsia, Mutafian produced numerous books and articles, focusing on art history. Marine subjects inspired by Brittany became one of his favorites. An exhibition of his paintings in 1965 commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Genocide. After he was invited to Soviet Armenia in 1967 ,Mt. Ararat, Armenia's golden autumn and Armenia's beautiful monasteries entered his paintings. His last exhibition in France was called "The Sea" was in 1976, and in 1979, one year before his death, he organized his final exhibition, in New York, entitled "Armenia seen by Mutafian".

Zareh Mutafian's work is presented by his son Armen (Claude) Z. Mutafian, a mathematician and historian in Paris specializing in Armenian history, the author of several books on the history of Armenia and a Foreign Member of Armenian Academy of Sciences.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! After two art-filled years at its current location, Studio Z is being forced by its current building owner to vacate its gallery space at the Butcher Block Mill. Gallery/Studio Z owner and director Berge Zobian painstakingly renovated the space over a seventeen month period before opening the gallery to the public for its first exhibit in October 2013. If you are unable to attend this exhibit, please view it through our website at http://galleryzprov.com .


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