July 17th - August 9th, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 17th 5-9pm

Anthony Quinn was born in Chihuahua, Mexico during the revolution in 1915 to a half-Irish father, Frank Quinn, and a Mexican-Indian mother, Manuela Oaxaca. As an infant, his mother hid him in a coal wagon for the two of them to escape to El Paso, Texas. The family wasn't reunited with his father until Anthony was three; his sister Stella was born, and they traveled as migrant workers, eventually settling in Southern California, where Anthony grew up a Mexican neighborhood of East Los Angeles.

Anthony began drawing and sculpting from a very young age. During trips to the studio where his father worked, he started sketching movie stars. At the age of 11, he won a California statewide competition with a plaster bust of Abraham Lincoln. Winning another contest as a junior in high school with an architectural plan for a marketplace, the prize, studying and working with renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, changed Anthony's life.

World famous as a dynamic actor, recipient of two Academy Awards and six nominations, after more than sixty years creating larger-than-life characters performing on stage, television and in films, in the 80's Quinn developed another full-blown career, as an artist, although he had been painting and sculpting since a youngster. While on movie location in North African and Middle East deserts, he would forage among dunes gathering stones, pieces of rock and wood, which he would transform into works of art during his free time. He began enlarging these "maquettes" into full-sized sculptures for his own home, whereupon people started asking him where they could purchase the artwork. A subsequent solo exhibition at a Honolulu, Hawaii, gallery sold out every piece in the show.

A compelling extensive body of work ensued, contemporary in style: sculptures, drawings, paintings. Sinuous and smooth, rounded figurative sculptures, many based on mythological personages, are juxtaposed with bold and imposing angular abstract structures. A sketch would generate a wood cut-out, which he would then cast in wax, clay or bronze. All are clearly imbued with thoughtful symbolism.

Quinn's last years were spent in beautiful Bristol, Rhode Island, enjoying privacy and creating striking art. At age 86 he died in Boston, from respiratory failure shortly after completing his role in his last film, Avenging Angelo, in Toronto in May 2001. His funeral took place in the First Baptist Church in America on College Hill in Providence, RI. The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program, formed to perpetuate Anthony Quinn's vision for an art-conscious society, raises and distributes funds for arts education in the areas of Visual Arts and Design, Performing Arts, Media Arts, and Literary Arts for high school students to apply funds to any recognized pre-college, summer or after-school arts education program.

Larger than life in art, film and in his own life as he lived it, Anthony Quinn left a remarkable legacy of art to behold and savor.

"Agustín Patiño has created paintings made with infinite curiosity, full of mystery, magic, color, of obsessive work, he has painted cities with loud silent voices, he has submerged himself in seas of oceans and continues to search temptations in the metropolis and the outskirts of the harmony of his chaos."

Born in Giron Cuenca, Ecuador; Agustín Patiño studied Architecture at Cuenca State University in Ecuador and received his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Central University of Quito.

Agustín has created three monumental murals in Providence: the first one called "The Plaza of Art and Cultures/La Plaza del Arte y Las Culturas" mural, 22' x 140', on Broad and Ontario Street, finished in 2009. The second mural, finished in October 2010, is Dialysis of the Planet, 22' x 140', on Broad Street and Plenty Street. Both murals have had a positive impact on the South Side of Providence. The third mural, called the Air Museum, 30' x 160', finished in October 2013, is at the Wheeler School on the East Side of Providence. His large-scale public art work has transformed neighborhoods in Chile, Ecuador, and the United States. His paintings are in collections in Latin America, Europe, and the U.S. Agustin's work was exhibited at the RISD Museum of Art as part of the Art League of RI; he is also part of the 2010 Networks Series. He has had several solo exhibits in Rhode Island, Boston, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile and Venezuela.

Agustín has participated in many international juried exhibits including in 2012: About Change, World Bank Exhibit on Latin America. He has participated in many juried exhibits and is the winner of several awards and prizes, including Second Prize in the Pawtucket Foundation Exhibit, and Second Prize in the 2010 Open Painting exhibit at the Providence Art Club, The Bradford F. Swan Award, Providence Art Club Open Painting 2010 Exhibition, The Viva El Arte 2007 at the Arts Worcester in Worcester, MA and The Luis Martinez Award in Ecuador, "Public Choice Award" in the 1994 Biennale in Cuenca, Ecuador among others.

From Agustín Patiño's Artist Statement: As part of this project, I lived four and half years with my family in the Amazon region of the Ecuador, what is referred to as the Amazonia. I painted the jungle, the vegetation, the water, the enormous cascades, the people, the animals, the birds and the insects of the area that make of the Amazonia one of the most unique landscapes in the planet. Motivated by the art and the nature, my family and I learned how to value the ecosystem and the species that inhabit it that region with more ecological, human conscience and vast respect to Nature.

After having lived this experience in the Amazonia, and in great Metropolis like NY, Quito, Madrid, Roma, Lima, Paris, Berlin and others, my vision is to create paintings and large murals in different parts of the world where conversations can be started about the Environment, The Ecology and Ecosystems.

I think that this humanistic, artistic and aesthetical attitude coincides fully with the idea of my contemporary art.

In this long pilgrimage through different cultures, countries, cities and forests, I have created paintings made with infinite curiosity, full with mystery, of magic, of color, working passionately, I have painted cities with voices from all the languages, I have dived in oceans of seas and I have continuous looked for temptations in the metropolises and harmony among the banks of my chaos. - Agustín Patiño