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"Vacillate: A Conversation on Contemporary Femininity. A Group Exhibition Curated by Cat Ganim.”

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 19th, 5-9pm
Show Dates: January 10 through February 11, 2006

Providence, RI (December 6, 2005) Please join us at Gallery Z on Thursday, January 19, 2006, from 5-9 PM, for the opening reception of the exhibition "Vacillate: A Conversation on Contemporary Femininity. A Group Exhibition Curated by Cat Ganim.” The show will be displayed from January 10, 2006 through February 11, 2006. The artists in Vacillate explore their own perceptions of femininity within our culture; whether personal, coincidental, objective, or subjective, each artist in this show speaks to their own influences and experiences and suggests another perspective for explaining what is feminine.

Marty McCorkle from San Francisco, CA, is engaged in digitally sketching his female subject and executes her form using digital abstraction in oils. His work harbors the very contemporary conflict between traditional arts and new media, but is executed in a way that calls to mind traditional abstraction masters. His work is very human, intimate, and visceral. The lines blur around McCorkle’s figures, inviting us to examine a fractalized, gestural pose of seduction.

Veronica Ochoa from Minneapolis, MN is executing highly personal, confrontational, totally intuitive work. She presents emotionally charged personal landscapes confronting the audience with boldness and energy. In her own words: " My paintings reveal the frailties in the Cinderella myth and the belief in oneself and manifesting your own destiny. I tend to be the subject of most of my paintings because it is from my eyes which absorbs, detracts and reflects the light and darkness which is everyday life. Hang on to your ego like Brian Wilson once sang….and Frank Black covered…"

Jason Roberts from Palm Springs, CA, professionally painting since 1986 and a former student of L’Ecole des Arts Paris-Italie, Paris, chose to produce a finely executed body of work reflecting the colorful lifestyle of drag queen scene in Palm Springs. His drag queen paintings explore the drag subculture with an element of fun and color. He brings the viewer an element of accessibility to the drag culture and a uses a visual language of acceptance and encouragement.

Sydney Hardin from Boston executes her paintings using commercial influences; a flat, graphic-arts style of painting, eroticising what seems to be innocent and girl-like. She is heavily responding to media influences within her work and points to the girls’ sexuality by virtue of giving us a closer view of the girls without the adverting language to sway your perceptions to a non-sexual venue.

Other artists in Vacillate include: Thomas Terceira a practicing designer, artist and craftsman for thirty years and Cranston resident, exhibiting collage-style mail-art with pin-up undertones; Stephanie Porcaro from Waterbury, CT, sharing a personal intuitive side with her self-portrait work; Umberto Crenca, Providence art-scene mogul, showing his extremely visceral, body oriented expressions of cross-gendered forces; and Melanie Ducharme from Coventry, RI, exploring female sexuality in the punk-rock subculture