August 10th - Sept 3rd, 2017

Opening Reception:
Thursday, August 17th, 5-9pm

Gallery Z is fortunate to represent, among other fine artists, many who paint and photograph iconic scenes of street life and vistas of cities - here and around the world - of Providence and Paris, of Rome and Venice, of famous cities local, national or international. Such artists present us with their creative ability to recognize and capture a moment, a view or a scene - via depicting residents, visitors or symbolic settings and architecture - that encapsulates the essence of the locales. This August Gallery Z will include compelling cityscapes and streetscapes by Anthony Tomaselli, Angelo Marinosci, Jr., Lee Chabot, Ben Weiss, Linda Di Frenna, Areg Elibekian, David DeMelim, Virginia Delgado, Ruth Clegg, Stephan Brigidi, William Daby, Ian Mohon, Mark Freedman, John Gaumond, Michael Sherman, John Hames, Alan Metnick, Ewa Romaszewicz, Alexander O. Grigorian, Kamsar, Matthew Kenyon, Eduard Sarkisian, and Gordon Peers