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The Gallery Z Story

What does the "Z" in Gallery Z stand for?

Does "Z" stand for Zobian, the last name of Gallery Director Bérge Ara Zobian ?

Does "Z" stand for Z, the last letter of the alphabet ?

Zion, Zorro, Zebra, Wizard of OZ ?


Gallery Z's name was chosen based on the political novel "Z" by Vassilis Vassilikos. "Z" tells the story of the Greek Government and the events surrounding the assassination of the Greek patriot and pacifist leader, Gregory Lambrakis, in Salonika. Lambrakis had goals of peace and a nuclear-free world, but was believed to be a communist and a danger to Pro-America Greece by opposing political figures. Vassilikos exposes the corruption of the military dictatorship and their involvement behind Lambrakis' death leading to the youth mourning and rallying "Z!" ("He lives!") all over Greece.