Gallery Z ArtMobile

Public Art Project

The Gallery Z ArtMobile is the latest concept for bringing fine art to the streets of Providence and beyond. I want to bring original art to many destinations and communities where it is not available or accessible. Made from a renovated FedEx truck, the ArtMobile's interior features a hardwood floor, hanging system, surround sound system, digital monitors and track lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. In addition to providing artwork for festivals, private, public and corporate events, this unique art-space will serve as a moving calling card for the Rhode Island art community.

Who said fine art has to be locked away in museums and galleries?

Who decided that all the excitement, the inspiration, the emotion that artists put into their work has to be hung from a wall like a spice rack? Imagine if somehow art could be set free. Free to roam the countryside, free to tour urban neighborhoods, to reach the beaches, even go out at night. The Gallery Z ArtMobile is a getaway vehicle that carries a truckload of framed artistry to libraries and senior centers, festivals and campuses, fundraisers and hospitals. Anywhere.

“I created the Gallery Z ArtMobile as a way to bring wonderful paintings, drawings and sculpture to people who might not have the opportunity to visit a gallery or museum. The ArtMobile will be a traveling celebration of the creative spirit here in Providence, a city with a rich history of design innovation, and I hope it’s an inspiration to others around the world."