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To book "Moby" The ArtMobile , please contact:
or call (401) 454-8844

Gallery Z is located at
259 Atwells Avenue
Providence, RI 02903

At this time, "Moby" The ArtMobile only caters to citys and towns in the Rhode Island Community with a maximum drive of 45 miles (one way).

Booking is preffered on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.
Other days of the week will be considered/negotiated.

For a non-profit venue/event:
  • $250 for 2 hour minimum.

  • $50 For every additional hour for a maximum of 5 hours

    *For a private/corporate event:
  • $500 for a 2 hour minimum.

  • 100$ for every additional hour for a maximum of 5 hours
    *If $1,000 of art or more is purchased, $250 of the $500 fee will be waived.

    Day rate available on request

    For the ArtMobile's amenities, please see the features tab:


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    Farmer's Market/Street Party
    Private Home/Party
    Corporate Event
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    Public Library
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    Number of people expected: Up to 10
    Up to 20
    Up to 50
    Up to 100 or more
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